DIY Book Festival Awards

The Iranian Scorpion received an Honorable Mention in the DIY Book Festival:

LOS ANGELES_The intense poetry of Dr. Neal Hall is the grand prize winner in the 11th annual DIY Book Festival, which honors independent and self-published books.

Hall’s “Nigger for Life” is a critically acclaimed anthology of verse that reflects his painful, later life discovery that in “unspoken America,” race is the one thing on which he is “first” judged, by which he is “first” measured, against which his life and accomplishments are metered, diminished in value, dignity and equality.

“Nigger For Life” reveals Dr. Hall’s deep sense of betrayal combined with his fervent passion for life and equality for “all.” His passion, power and independent spirit won over the competition’s judges.

Dr. Hall will be among those honored at a private reception on July 20 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: Twelve Months – Steven Manchester

RUNNER-UP: A Small Perfect Place – Arnold Gordenstein


  • The Concubine Saga – Lloyd Lofthouse
  • Shattered Triangle – William Messenger
  • In His Stead: A Father’s War – Judith Sanders-Malinoski
  • Revealed – Mary Ballard
  • A Beautiful Glittering Lie – Julie Hawkins
  • Squinting Over Water – Mary Eastham Kennedy
  • The Silver Spoon – K.T. Archer
  • Wiggle Room – Dennis Winstead
  • The Iranian Scorpion – William Peace
  • In the Shadow of the Oaks – Frank Settineri
  • Terrorist and the Terchova Treasure – George Banas
  • The Ponzi – P.T. Dawkins

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