I thought I might remind my readers that I have a website, as well as this blog.

My website is, and it has just recently been updated.  The website is arranged with a home page, which has a bit about me as the author, but I think that the About section of this blog is more informative.  My blog runs down the right hand column of the home page in real time.  (This blog also runs in real time on my Amazon author’s page and on Goodreads.)  Then, there is one page for each of my novels: currently five and a sixth is about to go to the printer.  Each book page has an image of the cover, a short introduction to the novel and a synopsis.  There are links to a sample chapter, the publisher’s press release, and reviews of the novel.  A link the list of awards which a novel has won are also available.

In some cases, there are links to where the book can be purchased, but my books are available from stock on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Kindle versions, in addition to hard copies, are available for all.  My first novel, Fishing in Foreign Seas, is the only one available with a hard cover.  The rest are in soft covers, as this is a good way of keeping the cost and price of a book down.

Comments on my website are welcome!

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